Colombia Spec Ad (Director's Cut) - "Follow Your Journey"

Written, Co-Directed and Edited by Spencer Allred.


A spec ad for Columbia Sportwear.

"Plugfones Liberate 2.0" Kickstarter

Kickstarter video for "Plugfones 2.0" directed and edited by Spencer Allred

"Écarlate: Walkabout" Clothing Line Spec Ad - Directed by Spencer Allred

Written, Directed, and Edited by Spencer Allred


There are plenty of clothing lines out there specifically designed for women with what society deems "the ideal body type".

Écarlate is a fictional clothing line developed by and for women with curves. Now, enjoy a clothing line contoured to your unique body type.

Jive Communications - "K-12 School Security Suite"

Produced by: Jumping the Green Productions

Directed and Edited by: Spencer Allred

"Fargo" TV Series - New Season *Spec Ad Promo*

Spec ad for an all new season of "Fargo" on FX!

All animation, sound, and VFX by Jumping the Green Productions!

Xyngular Compensation Plan Overview - Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics explaining Xyngular's Compensation Plan.

In Case You Missed It! *Recap in 77 Seconds!*

Video shot and edited for Zija International to recap their 10-Year Anniversary Summit Event.

"Parker: The New Normal" Documentary by S.L. Allred

Directed, Shot and Edited by Spencer Allred

In 2013, Parker Allred, a seemingly healthy 16 year old boy, died of the flu leaving his parents and three siblings in shock. See their story and learn how they came to find their "new normal" in this inspiring documentary.

Web Analytics for Beginners - Presented by Bluehost

Just one example of the creative motion graphics Jumping the Green Productions can do for you!

Zija 2016 Summit Opener - Kinetic Typography

An example of Kinetic Typography Motion Graphics.

"The Naked Effect" by Naked Minerals

Written, Directed, Shot, and Edited by Spencer Allred.

"Worst Day Ever" Animated Short by Spencer Allred

It's the worst day ever. We've all had one, right?

This short film took two years to complete and all of the work was completed by director, Spencer Allred. Please LIKE and SHARE and remember to subscribe!

"Reed" POV Short Horror/Thriller- Directed by the Allred Brothers

While on a nightly walk, a Man searches for his dog through a maze of reeds with nothing but a flashlight to see. Shot completely through the point of view of our main character, the Man soon realizes he is not alone among the reeds.

Directed by:
Benjamin Allred
S.L. Allred

Morinda 2017 Events Preview (Motion Graphics)

Directed and Animated by Spencer Allred.

A Motion Graphics video highlighting the exciting destinations Morinda will be taking its distributors to in 2017.

The Morinda Life Norway: Alf & Inger

Directed, Shot, and Edited by Spencer Allred

Ask Inger Falkevik, and she’ll tell you that things happen for a reason. In her view, trials are opportunities to get stronger. That epitomizes the determination and fortitude that she and her husband, Alf Ringdal, have demonstrated since becoming Morinda distributors, and they are experiencing the rewards that come from that.

The Morinda Life Japan: The Usami Family

Directed, Shot, and Edited by Spencer Allred

Keiko Usami has achieved financial success through being a Morinda distributor, but even more precious than that has been the opportunity to see her daughters Rinako and Yurika in a new light. The Usami women have different personalities and characteristics, yet have bonded over their shared success with Morinda and have discovered new self-worth.

Sundance Strategies Whiteboard Video

Directed, Shot, Drawn and Edited by Spencer Allred.

A fun, whiteboard video to explain Sundance Strategies' investment opportunity.

Vivint - See, No Monster

Written, Directed and Edited by Spencer Allred.

A promotional contest Vivint put on for students at UVU to showcase the abilities and strength of the Vivint app.

"Segment Two" Short Film - Directed by S.L. Allred

Written, Directed, and Edited by Spencer Allred

When respected filmmaker Raymond Thierry appears on live television to promote his newest film he has no idea his life is about to change forever as he becomes entangled in a muddied scandal.

Kelly and Jeff Ramirez Wedding - 7.27.13

Shot and Edited by Spencer Allred

"Pictures" Short Horror/Thriller - Directed by S.L. Allred

Directed and Edited by Spencer Allred

"Pictures" is the story of a woman who discovers the photographs on her phone reveal what will happen a few moments into the future. She soon realizes, however, there is a sinister presence at work.