"Outpost" - Director's Position


A Spec Ad directed for "Colombia Outerwear"


About Spencer Allred...

First and foremost; I am passionate about storytelling. Audience's can forgive a lot of things, if the story is compelling. That's not to say technical skills, shooting for the edit, etc. are not important - I believe they are subsets of the story. The passion a great story can inspire, increases the drive and passion of both talent and crew. I plan to bring my passion for storytelling (and by nature) all it's other skills along, too.

I am a filmmaker out of Utah. Having directed many short films (many of which have played in festivals across different countries in addition to winning awards), and commercials, I know what takes filmmaking from "good" to "great" - many of which cannot be taught, but which are instinctual: not only the artistic - a sense of pacing, an eye for cinematography, working with actors  - but also the "practical" - understanding of equipment, the importance of adhering to a shooting schedule, a sense of congruity across multiple episodes. I believe I fit this criteria; bringing an added level of dedication and quality to "Outpost."


Please see my example work below (all of which have been directed by me):


PICTURES is the story of a woman who discovers the photographs on her phone reveal what will happen a few moments into the future. She soon realizes, however, there is a sinister presence at work.


ÉCARLATE - There are plenty of clothing lines out there specifically designed for women with what society deems "the ideal body type".

Écarlate is a fictional clothing line developed by and for women with curves. Now, enjoy a clothing line contoured to your unique body type.


LOT - A woman finds herself stranded in a parking lot late at night, but soon realizes she is not alone.


If you have any question I would love to hear from you: